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Flying Cup

An exhilarating experience 40 meters above sea level. Come fly with us!

Flying Cup is a unique 3-in-1 food and entertainment experience combining fantastic 360 panoramic views of Marina & JBR, a unique sensation of freedom and amazing food. Flying Cup is suitable for the entire family.

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“An Epic Experience”

The experience takes you into a journey 40 meters above sea level, where you can enjoy a delicious drink and be amazed by the fabulous 360 panoramic view. Flying Cup is available to all visitors aged 4 and above (minimum height of 105cm). We look forward to welcoming you soon onboard!

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You can enjoy Flying Cup through 4 different offers

Pizza in the sky

Flight + pizza + popcorn + refreshment

Hot-dog in the sky

flight + hot-dog + popcorn + refreshment

Popcorn in the sky

Flight + popcorn + refreshment

VIP Experience

Any food on the menu and a breathtaking souvenir picture to take back home
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Sissi Zhu
Ditto Raju
Waqas Hafeez

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“The staff who operates the flying cup was very friendly. He took photos for customers (with their own phones). However, the guy who sells the photo was so shortsighted and was not happy at all because no one buys the photo.”
Sissi Zhu
Amazing Affordable and Adventurous! Is all I can sum it up into. Their staff is very kind and helping , he clicked our piks and advised best angles. I was blown away by the view and experience and He said night view is even better. Can’t wait to go again for night dining experience 😍
Experience 360 degree panoramic view and feel the thrill on flying cup. Slowly spinning ride rising up to 40m with views over skyscrapers and amazing Beach view. Person with height phobia this is the exact place to over come their fear as it goes up slowly with dangling legs with safety measures covered.
An Epic Experience that you cannot miss in your LIFETIME.💫 This amazing ride. You go 40 meter high which is like 12-13 storeys high in the Sky. You literally are hanging on a chair best thing is that this cup revolves so you have full 360 degree view.
The Vegetarian Couple (TVC)
Breathtaking 360 degree view of the shoreline with a bird like freedom at 40 meters above ground level giving a full panaromic view of the shoreline is something amazing at the flyingcup. This place will give you lifetime memories and amazing pictures to be cherished forever
zoobi pandit
Sharing an Amazing Experience I had recently with flying cup . A Breathtaking 360 degree view of the shoreline and a bird like freedom at 40 meters above the ground with a multi sensory panoramic views of Dubai is one of a kind experience that you ought to try.
Shikha's shack

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